Hopefully, you never experience major damage to your home from a storm, water, or fire, but if you do, your home insurance plan might cover it. First, you must file a claim with your insurance company to initiate the process, but this process isn't easy.

Additionally, the process relies on your insurance company calculating the damages to determine your compensation. Therefore, if you want to receive the proper compensation, you might need the services of a public insurance claim adjuster.

This guide explains what a public insurance claim adjuster does to help people with insurance claims and why you might want to hire one.

You choose the adjuster as your representative

An insurance adjuster is not someone your insurance company hires; your insurance company has its own adjusters. You don't have to hire an adjuster, but you can if you want someone representing you with your claim. When hired, the adjuster serves as your advocate during the claims process. If you want assistance with your claim and someone to fight for you, you'll need an adjuster.

The adjuster reviews your insurance policy

While serving as your advocate, the adjuster begins by reviewing your insurance policy. This step aims to see what coverage you have, as this reveals what you're entitled to when filing a claim. Therefore, you should provide your policy details to the adjuster to initiate the process.

The adjuster calculates the damages

The adjuster then calculates the damages to your property. The purpose of this step is to determine how much money you should receive for the claim. The amount the adjuster calculates might be different than the amount that your insurance company calculates. Your insurance adjuster will likely calculate a higher amount than your insurance company.

The adjuster negotiates on your behalf

Public insurance adjusters serve several roles for insurance policyholders, but the most important role is negotiating for their clients. If you had to negotiate with your insurance company yourself, you might not know where to start. You also might not know your rights, and that's why you'll be glad you have someone negotiating on your behalf.

Hire a public insurance claim adjuster before settling your claim

Insurance adjusters offer crucial services to insurance policyholders, and you might need to hire one for assistance. You'll probably receive a larger compensation package if you hire one, so start searching for the right one to hire as your representative.