Insurance exists for personal and commercial customers. If you're an individual, there's a good chance that you will need to protect yourself by purchasing a few different personal insurance policies. These are some of the different types of personal insurance policies that you might need to buy.

Homeowners Insurance

If you are a homeowner, then you might need to purchase insurance to cover your home. Then, you'll be protected if something happens to your home, such as if there's a major storm, a fire, or a break-in. Your mortgage lender probably requires you to have homeowners insurance, too, so you can avoid issues with your lender and make sure that your investment is protected with homeowners insurance.

Car or Vehicle Insurance

If you have a car, then you will at least need to be sure that your car has liability insurance. This helps protect you if you get into an accident with someone else that is your fault. However, if you have a vehicle that is financed or that is valuable, then you may want to pay for collision and comprehensive coverage. Then, if something happens to your vehicle -- even if it's your fault or due to an act of nature -- then you will be covered.

Renter's Insurance

Just because you are not a homeowner does not mean that you need insurance, despite the fact that you can't purchase homeowners insurance for a property that you do not own. If you're a renter, then you will instead want to look for renter's insurance. This will allow you to protect your belongings and protect yourself from certain liabilities. Plus, there are actually a lot of landlords out there that require their tenants to have this coverage, too.

Health Insurance

Paying for healthcare out of pocket is very expensive, particularly if you're seriously injured or if you have a serious illness. Paying for health insurance that will help pay for doctor's appointments, medication, hospital stays, and other things that you need for healthcare can help you get the healthcare that you need without busting your budget.

Life Insurance

Lastly, if you don't already have life insurance, you should think about buying a policy soon from an agency like Binyon Agency. Then, you can be sure that your funeral and other final expenses are all covered, and you can even make sure that you purchase a policy that is large enough that your family will be left with a little something after you pass away, too.