An SR-22 form is required after some driving infractions have taken place. SR-22 is not an actual form of insurance. Instead, it is a legal document that a driver must file with their insurance provider and/or local municipality.

Common Offenses That May Require SR-22 Proof

  • Reckless driving
  • DUI offenses
  • Incidents that occurred while being uninsured

The Legal Process

In most municipalities, a driver is notified of their obligation to file an SR-22 form. This notification may be discussed during a court hearing. A lawyer will provide their client with a list of requirements that pertain to filing an SR-22 document. This may include the acquisition of this type of form and the length of time that an SR-22 document must remain valid.

Someone who has committed minor offenses may only need to keep their SR-22 status active for a few months. Upon the completion of this requirement, they may allow the SR-22 status to lapse. At this time, they will be deemed as a standard driver again and will only be required to have automotive insurance coverage.

The Form 

An SR-22 form can be obtained from a courthouse, a DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles), or an insurance agent. When a driver has been classified as needing to fill out an SR-22 form, they will need to be upfront about this requirement when obtaining new insurance coverage. Being responsible for carrying SR-22 proof may increase the insurance rate that a driver is responsible for. 

If an individual does not initially obtain an SR-22 form from a courthouse or a local DMV branch, they can consult with an insurance agent about the form. New clients who are seeking insurance coverage and existing clients must inform their insurance agent about the change in their driving status. The agent will adjust a previous insurance rate, to reflect upon the addition of the SR-22 requirement.

A new customer who has not obtained automotive insurance before can compare insurance rates that various agents charge. Upon finding the cheapest rate, an insurance agent will help a client fill out the paperwork that is necessary to obtain insurance coverage.

Responsibilities And Penalties

It is a driver's responsibility to keep insurance and SR-22 proof within their vehicle. This information may be requested by a law official, in the case that a motorist is pulled over. If an SR-22 form expires, a driver may be penalized. These penalties could result in monetary fees or a license suspension.

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