SR-22 insurance isn't quite an insurance policy by itself, but it does enable motorists to have their driving privileges reinstated in some states. Reserved for drivers who have had their licenses suspended, SR-22 forms must be submitted with an insurance company before you will be able to drive again. Filing the actual SR-22 form won't cost you a lot of money, but its implications can cause you to experience increased insurance rates.

What Kinds of Driving Offenses Necessitate SR-22 Coverage?

While your car-insurance premiums can go up as a result of an accident, a move, a new car purchase, a new driver being added on your policy, or any other number of factors, SR-22 insurance is only needed when a motorist makes some major mistakes behind the wheel. Getting a DUI, driving on a suspended license, or collecting a series of speeding tickets are a few of the reasons you may be required to get SR-22 insurance.

Where Can You Get SR-22 Insurance?

Many auto-insurance providers offer SR-22 insurance, but since this auto-insurance form isn't required in all states, you will need to check with your current insurance company to find out for sure. You will need to get SR-22 coverage and traditional auto insurance from the same company in order for your form to be accepted.

How Does SR-22 Coverage Affect Premiums?

Since only high-risk drivers need SR-22 insurance, you can safely assume that your rates are probably going to increase after the form has been filed. Drivers that has been convicted of driving while under the influence or who have collected so many moving violations that their licenses have been suspended already have a difficult time getting coverage. Many insurance companies decline to offer coverage for high-risk drivers altogether.

Although SR-22 insurance generally does cause insurance rates to go up, remember that your entire driving history will be considered. If you otherwise have a fairly clean driving record, your car-insurance premiums may only go up minimally. On the other hand, you might have to pay for your entire car-insurance policy in advance instead of on a monthly or quarterly basis.

You may be required to carry SR-22 coverage for several years, but if you drive safely and don't pick up any more major infractions, these sanctions will be lifted. Call a number of different companies, such as Angel Auto Insurance, and find out which auto companies offer SR-22 insurance. Ask for an individualized quote if you are concerned about an increase in premiums.