There are times that you don't need car insurance for a few months. It could be due to being deployed with the military, away for business, or another reason that stops you being able to drive. You don't need your coverage, but you don't want to completely cancel it. Is it possible to temporarily suspend it so you can pick it up when you return? Here's a look at when you can suspend your auto-insurance policy.

When You're Away on Duty

If nobody else uses your vehicle while you're away with the military, you can usually suspend your policy completely. You will often need to store the car somewhere rather than just have it parked on the driveway. It's also important to let the Department of Transportation know that you are going to be away with the military.

Depending on the state, there may be other requirements. Discuss this with your officer in charge or your insurance broker to find out what your full options are.

When You Sell Your Vehicle

There's no need to cancel your policy if you're going to sell your vehicle and later purchase a new one. You will sometimes be able to suspend instead so there's no lapse in coverage causing your premiums to increase. Proof may need to be given to show that you've sold the vehicle.

When you buy the replacement, you'll just need to inform your insurance broker to reactivate the policy. The premiums may rise due to the make and model of the vehicle, but you should keep your other discounts.

When You Store Your Vehicle

If you're going away for other reasons, you may decide that you want to store the vehicle. Storage is also an option when you have a vehicle that doesn't run. Suspending your auto-insurance policy is an option in this case. You may need to remove your plates when you suspend for this reason. You'll also need to inform the DMV, or you may receive a penalty for not having liability coverage on your vehicle.

If you are going to suspend your policy due to storage, whether for personal reasons or military deployment, it is worth considering keeping your comprehensive coverage. This will protect you in the event of fire or theft.

As you can see, you can suspend your car insurance in a small number of instances. This will help save you money when you genuinely don't need a car, but there are legal requirements to follow to prove that you won't drive your vehicle without insurance.

For more information on suspending an insurance policy, contact your insurance agent or a company such as Allstar Insurance