If it's been a while since you updated your home insurance, you might want to get that taken care of before a disaster occurs. Your insurance might have been sufficient when you bought your home, but over the years—or as you have updated your home—you might have outgrown the current coverage limits. Sadly, having outdated coverage limits can leave you underinsured if a disaster strikes. If that happens, you might not have the necessary funds to rebuild your home. Here are four factors that can leave you without adequate coverage for your home.

Limited Access

If you've added other structures to your property since you moved into your home, or if your trees have reached maturity, accessibility may be an issue if you need to rebuild. Once your home is destroyed, construction crews will need to access your property. However, if the home site is located between buildings or is surrounded by mature trees, the construction costs may increase. Before you have a need to make an insurance claim, be sure you've updated your coverage to account for those changes.

Site Prep

If your home has been destroyed by a fire or other natural disaster, the construction crew may need to provide additional prep work before the site is ready to be built on. For instance, the existing structure may need to be demolished and the debris removed before your new home can be built. Before you're faced with a disaster, be sure your current insurance coverage will provide for those additional expenses.

Replacement of Custom Features

If your current insurance policy was obtained right after you purchased your home, it might not adequately cover any improvements you might have made to the structure. Perhaps you've remodeled the kitchen and included custom features that were considerably more expensive than the original features. Without an update to your coverage, you'll only be protected for the basic features you included in the original policy. Make sure that your custom updates will be covered by updating your policy before it's too late.

Rate of Inflation

The economy has gone through many changes over the year. If your current insurance coverage is based on the value of your home when you purchased it, you might find yourself without enough money to replace your home if it's destroyed. To be adequately protected, you should have your policy updated to reflect the current value of your home as well as the current rate of inflation.

If it's been a while since you updated your insurance coverage, you might not have as much protection as you think you do. Talk to your insurance agent about updating your home insurance and get an insurance quote today.