Having homeowners insurance is an important aspect when you own a home. If something were to happen, you can file a claim and your homeowner's insurance will cover the cost to make repairs or even rebuild your home. Homeowners insurance offers more than just payment for repairs, however, which many homeowners aren't aware of. Here are four little-known benefits that come with your homeowner's insurance:  

  1. Dog Bite Coverage: Having coverage for dog bites is typically something that a basic homeowners insurance policy will cover, which means you don't have to purchase this type of coverage to add onto your policy. This is helpful because if you have a dog and they bite someone, although you will be held liable for their medical bills, your homeowners insurance will cover it. 
  2. Coverage for Fallen Debris: Although it's uncommon for an object to fall from the sky and cause damage to your home, you never know. Many homeowners insurance companies will cover the cost of these damages without you having to pay for additional coverage. This means if a meteor falls from the sky or a satellite, you can definitely file a claim to make the repairs needed to your property. 
  3. Coverage for Power Outage Damage: Many homeowners don't realize this, but if your area has suffered from a large power outage to the point where the food in your fridge has become spoiled, you can file a claim with your homeowners insurance to cover the cost to replace the food. This is really helpful to ensuring that you can definitely refill your fridge back to the way it was without having to worry about the heavy expense. 
  4. Coverage for Property Outside of Your Home: Many times, your homeowners insurance will cover damages or replacement costs for your valuables even if the damage or theft has occurred outside of the home, such as in a car crash. This even includes coverage for valuables that are with your college student in their dorm and more. This is a great way to ensure that you are safe while traveling with your valuable items. 

When you know these four little known benefits that come with homeowners insurance, you can better understand what you are likely able to file a claim for. This also ensures that you feel more protected by your homeowners insurance and know when you need to add additional coverage to your policy (click for more info) and when you don't.