Adding roadside assistance to your insurance policy does not cost much, usually only about five dollars per month. Many people either fail to add this service or, if they do, they fail to use it when it would really help. Many insurers do not raise your rates for using this part of your policy, and others do not limit the number of times you can use it each year. If your have roadside assistance, you should take full advantage of your purchase. If you do not have it, you should consider adding it.

Jump Starts

Although your insurance company might object if you called for a jump start three times a week, you should feel free to call them when you have the occasional dead battery, even if your car is at home. Some people associate roadside assistance with literally being stranded away from civilization, but you can call for it if your car is sitting in your driveway. You might not have battery cables or you might be scared to tinker with your engine in any way. Most insurance companies will have a limit on how much expense they will cover, but if you live relatively close to the towing service, you probably will have no out-of-pocket costs. You can verify the price before you have the towing service dispatched.


Your insurance policy may limit your towing to a fifteen-mile radius before you have to pay, which doesn't sound like much if you are away from home. However, unless you are well out into the countryside, that distance should be enough to get you to a mechanic who can assess your car. Remember, if a tow is necessary, check to see if you are covered under your policy before you call the tow truck company.


Your roadside assistance may actually include fuel delivery. Running out of gas is embarrassing and often extremely inconvenient. Usually, when you run out of gas, you call a friend or family member to help you out or you grab a gas can out of the trunk and start walking to the nearest convenience store. Instead, you can get on the phone to your insurance company and have gas delivered to you. Again, you need to check the provisions of your particular policy to find out if you will have any financial obligation. Still, this particular service is probably overlooked by many policy holders.

Roadside assistance is an excellent purchase that protects you from big breakdowns out on the road, but it also helps you with those common and annoying vehicle problems. In most instances, roadside service is inexpensive and using it does not count against you. The next time your car runs out of gas or has a dead battery, call your insurance company for help.Talk to an insurance agent, like Reinard Insurance Agency Inc, about getting a policy added.