Many people do not take the time to find out what their auto insurance really covers. While it may cover damage done to your car or another car or even to a piece of property if you are involved in an accident, there are often companies who offer roadside assistance as well. It is important to truly understand roadside assistance offered by an insurance company though. The following guide walks you through the ins and outs of insurance-offered roadside assistance.   

Call the Insurance Company Before Any Service Technician

Before you call someone to help you with whatever roadside emergency you are facing, contact the insurance company. The company works directly with certain providers and if you call someone on your own, the insurance company may only pay for a portion of the assistance costs rather than paying for everything.

Windshield Replacement

If you are driving down the road and a rock flies up and smashes into your windshield, you can call the insurance company to have a windshield replacement company sent directly to your location to repair or replace the glass for you. Most companies limit the number of windshields you can have replaced within a certain amount of time, so it is important to make sure you know what your limit is by speaking with an agent and asking him or her about it.

Flat Tire Assistance

If you get a flat tire while driving, the insurance agency can send a tow company to you to help put on the spare tire. You need to be sure that you let the agent know if you have a spare tire in your car or if you need them to bring one to you when you call for help.

Gasoline Assistance

If you run out of gas while waiting in traffic or simply because you were not paying attention to the gas light on your dash, the insurance company can send someone to your location with enough gas to get you to the nearest gas station.

Towing Assistance

If your car breaks down, the company can send a tow truck to tow your car to a nearby repair shop. The companies often have a limit on the distance they will tow a car, but they will tow your car off of a busy road to safety, if nothing else.

Roadside assistance can come in very handy in an emergency situation. It often costs very little to sign up for roadside assistance and it is often well worth the cost when you consider the hassle that comes with needing your windshield replaced, changing a tire, or having your car towed. For more information, contact an insurance company such as Consumers Coverage Corporation for more information.