Shopping for home insurance can be a complicated project for first-time homebuyers, especially if they don't have a clear understanding of how insurance premiums are determined. Acquiring such knowledge will not only allow you to choose the coverage plan that best suits your needs, but will also prevent you from making mistakes, such as inappropriately comparing your insurance premium to a neighbor's lower one, even when your houses have similar features. Here's how your insurance premiums are computed:

Location is the most important factor

The importance of this factor can be measured by the fact that it's used to calculate both the price of your chosen house and the monthly insurance rate. The insurance company will analyze the features that are specific to your city, such as the likelihood of inclement weather, the location of the nearest firefighters station, or even the most recent data about crime.

How old is your home and is it still in good shape?

When determining how much you're going to pay for insurance premiums, insurance companies take a close look at the age of your property and if it has been well maintained. For example, they will send their expert to assess the condition of your housing systems, such as roofing, water, or plumbing. Even if the house that you purchased is old, you may be able to get affordable rates if its systems were recently replaced.

Does your house's level of security match with the value of your belongings?

One of the things that plays a critical role in the calculation of your monthly insurance rates is the value of your belongings. When measuring the risks that are associated to covering your home, the insurer will take into account any security feature that you have added on your property. For instance, showing to the insurance company that you have hired a security agent will definitely factor into the price that you're asked to pay on a monthly basis. This is also true if you are being serviced by a company that provides home monitoring services.

These are considered to be the most basic factors used to determine the level of monthly insurance premiums, but there are many others, such as the various perils that you want to include in your insurance policy. Having a good understanding of these elements will help you make the most optimal choice when it comes to home insurance. Try contacting a provider such as Harris Insurance Services for more information.