Medicare is an essential program for millions of Americans, mainly retirees over the age of 65, and it plays an important part in providing medical care for the senior citizens of our country. But Medicare doesn't cover all medical expenses- Medigap, also known as Medicare supplemental insurance, can keep expenses down, and help pay for needed medical care.

Protection Against Huge Medical Bills

In most cases Medicare will cover 80% of a person's medical bill; this is very helpful, but 20% of medical costs can be very expensive, especially for older citizens who are on a fixed incomes. A Medicare supplement plan will usually cover most of the cost of any co-pays after Medicare is applied.

Ability to Travel Internationally

Many retirees love having the opportunity to see the world; traveling is something that many people over 65 like to do, but Medicare does not cover any medical issues that need to be treated outside of the U.S. When you have Medigap insurance, many plans will cover emergency medical treatment anywhere that you might be, including countries outside the U.S.

Acceptance For All That Qualify

If you have a Medicare plan, you are automatically accepted for Medigap supplemental insurance. When reviewing your application, you can't be denied for any medical problems that you may currently have.

Medicap Policies Automatically Renew

Medigap insurance policies can't be cancelled, so if you carry Medicare insurance plans, you are guaranteed to have Medigap insurance, Your policy will be renewed every year, as long as you pay your premiums. 

Easy to Choose Your Doctors

Medicare supplemental insurance is designed to assist with any medical costs that you may have while on Medicare. This allows you to to continue to see your current doctors who accept Medicare, and the majority of any extra fees not paid by Medicare will most likely be paid for by you supplemental plan. When you combine Medicare with Medigap insurance, you don't have to worry about be in-network, or seeing a medical professional who is not covered.

Many Insurance Options

Medicare is facilitated by the U.S. government, but Medigap policies are available from private insurance carriers This gives you the option to pick and choose you plan, selecting the best option that will meet your medical needs while also fitting your budget. When you are choosing a Medigap plan, don't be afraid to speak with several insurance brokers until you find a policy that is a good fit.