Commercial trucks, unless they are converted pickups or cargo vans, are unlikely to receive much damage when they are in an accident. Still, you need to insure them just as you would your own passenger vehicle, because of the damage and harm they can cause to other drivers on the road. In fact, there are many excellent reasons why you would want to insure your commercial trucks, should you be thinking that lapses in insurance are no big deal.

Other Drivers Can--and Will--Sue You

Your trucks may barely be scratched in an accident, but other drivers can be seriously injured. If you think it is a trifling expense to not insure your fleet because nothing will hurt your trucks or your drivers, then you are not considering the entire picture. Relying on other drivers to insure themselves and their vehicles is also a bad idea, since not everyone your drivers will encounter on the road will be as cautious or obedient to the law. Rather than look at it as protection for your commercial vehicles which will fare better than most in an accident, look at commercial truck insurance as a legal defense if someone sues you.

Insurance Laws and Rules of the Road Vary Widely

If you have trucks crossing state lines, then you are already aware that some states require auto insurance. If your trucks and drivers get into accidents in one of these states and there is no insurance, you will receive a stiff fine for uninsured vehicles and drivers. Repeated incidents of accidents and uninsured vehicles could result in the negation of your business license and jail time. Additionally, some states have no-fault accident laws where everyone in an accident is equally guilty, which means everyone pays and everyone can sue if they choose to do so. It is just easier to avoid most of these headaches by insuring your fleet and keeping the insurance up to date.

Insurance Covers Damages to the Cargo

Some policies cover damages to the cargo when your drivers are in an accident of monumental proportions. This is a really big deal, because you might be charged with paying for everything that was damaged. Insuring your trucks and including this in your policy means you never have to worry about paying for things you didn't buy and don't want once they are broken.

Finding Commercial Truck Insurance Companies That Cover You in All Situations

Find a truck insurance company that covers you for more than just liability. Liability is the most basic coverage, and when you have a fleet of trucks traveling all over the place and across state lines, you are going to need much more than just liability. For the best protection, ask these companies about various addenda which you can add to your policy that will protect you against a dozen different accident scenarios.

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